Renew Your Membership - Choose Your Method......

OPTION 1 Download Membership Invoice for manual payment.

OPTION 2 Pay online. Log-in to your account 

STEP 2 : Click on Profile 

STEP 3: Click on Renew until 01/01/2025 Button

STEP 4: Update any necessary information

STEP 5: Make payment either online or manually

    (Note: Manual renewals will be placed as pending until payment is received.)

About Automatic Renewals:

In an effort to streamline administrative tasks and make renewals easier for our members, PPAMidwest membership database is now enabled with an automatic renewal feature for any member that pays via credit card. Please note: members can opt out of this feature at anytime. 

How to opt out:
Members who have paid previously via credit card online will activate this feature. To opt out of this feature, simply email
 and ask for this to be disabled. You will receive a confirmation email once the feature is turned off so you can rest assured your message was received.  

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